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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February is behind us now, I loved sending out these cards, I have decide I so get more out of this than the person I am sending it to.  I love making them and giving them, they are my small gifts to everyone I send them to.  I know some of these people do not even know  So many of the folks I work with a so kind and have big hearts so it is my honor to send them one of my cards.  And......No Susan I will not send you card every time you take a pooh!!!  HaHaHa
Happiness Project 2013 #43, Happy Birthday Michelle
Happiness Project #41 & #42 Happy Birthday James Cornavaca  and Bethanie Davis

Happiness Project #40 Happy Birthday Trish, you are the best, you send everyone a birthday card, and always a small surprise inside so they don't forget what fun it is to have a Birthday!
Happiness Project #39 Camille, Happy Birthday
Happiness Project # 38, Happy Birthday Neil, your the Best you make everyday like a its a good thing.
Happiness Project #37 A Thank you card for Pops, requested by Betty and Audrey
Happiness Project 2013 #36, Happy Birthday Monique, See I told you your card would be special. Ha!
Happiness Project 2013 #35, Happy Valentines Day Adriana
Happiness Project 2013 #34, Happy Valentines Day Carol
Happiness Project 2013 #33, Happy Valentines Day Gloria

 Happiness Project 2013 #32, Happy Valentines Day Felix
 Happiness Project 2013, #31 Happy Valentines Day Steve
 Happiness Project 2013 #30, Happy Valentines Day Kristy

Happiness Project 2013 #29, Happy Birthday Donna Torres

 Happiness Project 2013 #28, Happy Birthday Lauren
Happiness Project 2013 #27, Happy Birthday Ann Marie
2 cards no pictured here (my bad) for Erica and Deborah #25 and #26

Monday, February 11, 2013

 Happiness Project #24 A Valentine Day card for Susan F, I wonder if she will be my Valentine?
Happiness Project # 23 Happy Birthday Donna Torres

 Happiness Project #22  Happy Birthday Joe, I am not saying your a just might be a prince, enjoy your birthday!
 Happiness Project #21  Now now now I know it is the middle of February order for me to send Susan a Valentine Day card I could not skip over Christmas, so just like she said.....if she gets Christmas in February then she might get the Valentine day card in April and so on and so!  I love the button on this card, it is one of my favorites, the color matches perfectly.
 Happiness Project #20  Happy Birthday Joni!!  I know what an artist she is so I made sure she got an extra special card for her birthday.  I will be making a few of these the flower is crocheted.
 Happiness Project #19  Happy Birthday Lauren
 Happiness Project #18 Happy Birthday Deborah
Happiness Project #17 Happy Birthday Michael! Buddy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happiness Project #10 Happy Birthday Amy, one of my favorite people!!!  She said I was the first to wish her a happy birthday!!

Happiness Project #11.  Happy Birthday Ann W Enjoy you Birthday!!
Happiness Project #12 Happy Birthday Michael!!  It's my boy card, I hope he likes it, he is wayyyyyy sweet, love this guy so much!!!
HAPPINESS PROJECT #13.  Happy Birthday Meryl, she said she loved the card, I hope she enjoys her birthday!
Happiness Project #14!  Happy Birthday Bonnie!!  Enjoy your day, its been so long since I have seen you, hope to see you soon.  This was a recycled sachet envelope that my Aunt Joanne saved for me.  I redesigned it a bit, so this ones for you Aunt!  Makes a lovely card, and it smells!
Happiness Project #15!  Happy Birthday Lorraine!! Enjoy and eat CAKE!  Sweet card for a sweet girl.
Happiness Project #16!  Happy Birthday Susan H!  Enjoy your day!  This is a new paper, circus and carnival paper, I have a lot of it so I will be using it in during the year.  I did a bit more stamping on this card.  I like creating, but I also like stamping I am just not as good at it.  This is simple and that makes it easy. =)

One of my favorite craft stores "Scrapbook Depot" in Sunrise moved closer to my house, Huraah!!!!  I should take some classes there, it would be fun and its close.

I also wants to give a shout out to "PINTEREST" if gives me ideas and motivation.  Unreal what is out there, find what you like collect it and pin it and find others that are like minded and follow what they pin, I love it!

This completes my first month January 2013, I still love it, I love making and sending these cards.  I tried to get the birthday list at work for next month, but it is not available until the first of the next month, so I think I will always be late for those that have Birthday around the first of each month, but I won't let a little thing like that stop me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happiness #2 2013 for Craig, kinda looks girly but I tried to use boy  

 Happiness Project #3 2013 for Marcia, Happy Birthday!!  Marcia said if I sold these she would be my number one customer, Thank you Marcia, you are one of the most talented people I know so that meant a lot to me.
 Happiness Project #4 for Abby, Happy Birthday!
 Happiness Project #5 2013 For Lisa, Happy Birthday
 Happiness Project 2013 #6 For Josh, Happy Birthday! (TooFunny Josh said he was afraid he would break the card)  He made me laugh!
 Happiness Project 2013 #7 Happy Birthday Marquse!  This went all the way to Atlanta!
 Happiness Project 2013 #8 Happy Birthday Stacey, this one also went all the way to Atlanta!!  She said she loved it.  It made her feel special (Bingo) !  I love that.  I might be doing this more for me, I love making people happy.
Happiness Project 2013 #9 Happy Birthday Jesse!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happiness #1 January 02, 2013
My First card of the year was for Gloria she just returned to work after some time off, we are glad to have her back she was so missed.
I do love this design, I will use this design for a few cards.  Welcome back Gloria!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November tag 2012 for my Tag Swap, Theme "Thanksgiving".  My swap partner is "Fran" after looking at her blog she likes old vintage, she has a lot of country items so I am hoping she will like this Patriotic Thanksgiving image, I am inspired because it is election night and I am still waiting to find out who our next president is.  These two seem to be thankful for "Peace and Plenty of Prosperity" I too wish this for all, and hope the elected President will want the same things for all.
Now this one makes me laugh, I love this stamp.  Last year Susan Larson gave me this stamp and I thinks it is soooooo cute.  I added the "Eat Ham".  Anything to help a turkey out.  The pumpkins are my own design, I am sending this tag to Fran as well.  One tag is never enough.  I think I will make a few of these for Sandy, Kristy, Amy, Susan and Cindy so they can keep them out during the holiday.  I have to get these 2 tags in the mail to Fran.  The back of this tag is glimmer misted and embossed with Thanksgiving and Grateful stamps.
 Halloween 2012 at the Credit Union, we are up to our old antics, making our decorations a bit dark and scary without going over the top.  Some of the decorations are cute.....
 some are creepy, especially the guy in the back
 I don't think this guy is a real doctor......both hands in the candy dish, I guess he is not a Dentist....say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 more spooky stuff
 are those fingers in the pot......ewwwwwwwwwww, again another scary guy in the back round.....
see the guy in the coffin?........he likes it HOT HOT HOT, this little guy drove Steve crazy if you press his hand he singer "Hot Hot Hot" it's cute........well Steve does not think so.